Industrial Organizational, Forensic, and Police Psychology


We conduct hundreds of evaluations per year of individuals under consideration for employment/promotion, or for other reasons such as development, succession planning, career planning, suitability for sensitive employment, ascertaining organizational "bench strength," etc. These are offered "face-to-face" in our offices or via the Internet. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. You may be interested in one or more of the following:

  • Pre-employment talent assessment for positions from front-line staff to CEO
  • Development evaluations to clearly and objectively delineate strengths and development opportunities
  • Management Competency assessments
  • Talent pool and compatability determinations for mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • Succession planning consultations
  • Assessment of individuals for high-risk and/or sensitive responsibilities including ministry, child care, classified, nuclear power, and other similar roles
  • Internet protocols which may be administered "at distance" to potential candidates, with or without a videoconference psychologist interview, eliminating the need for costly and inefficient travel
  • Identification of critical success and/or failure factors for specific jobs 

The need for a Fitness for Duty examination is typically precipitated by complex and often emotionally sensitive circumstances. The potential for loss of productivity, poor morale, employee retention difficulties, workplace violence, and employer liability can be very high. Our expertise in psychological testing and objective employment-related assessment, understanding of the nuances of organizations, and familiarity with the relevant legal issues enables our psychologists to be uniquely qualified to conduct these examinations and render the sometimes difficult determinations that are necessary. We do not offer treatment services to individuals we evaluate for fitness for duty and believe it is an ethical conflict to provide nothing less than an objective "third party" examination and an opinion we are prepared to defend in Federal Court if necessary. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your particular needs. We are commonly engaged for services that include:

  • Fitness for Duty examinations for employees
  • Consultations on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) mental disorder issues
  • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) or "Second Opinion" evaluations regarding fitness for duty
  • Mental disorder disability determinations
  • Threat Assessment of potential for violence and consultation on workplace violence prevention
  • Mass Casualty Response 

Law enforcement, security, public safety, and military organizations have unique needs requiring highly specialized psychological expertise beyond the skill sets of most practicing psychologists. The firm provides evaluation and consultation services to a number of local, federal, and international law enforcement, military, security, and first responder organizations. We are accustomed to high-volume and quick turnaround projects, managing sensitive/highly confidential/classified information, and arranging for travel when necessary. We are most commonly engaged to provide services that include:

  • IACP pre-employment psychological testing and psychological evaluations for law enforcement
  • Fitness for Duty examinations when questions arise regarding an individual's performance
  • Return to Duty assessment following officer-involved shooting (OIS) or other critical incidents
  • Suitability for special units and operations such as SWAT, hostage negotiator, explosives ordinance disposal, etc
  • Psychological assessment for DOD/DODCAF security clearance
  • Suitability for armed security/protective services
  • Psychological readiness for overseas duty
  • "Psychological autopsy" to determine the state of mind of an individual at some prior point in time
  • Critical incident stress intervention
  • Psychological consultation/training for Hostage Negotiator Teams
  • Psychological SAFEGUARD Program for officers in Computer Crimes Against Children (ICAC), computer forensics, prolonged undercover, and other similar operations

The firm's focus on objective and scientifically based assessment creates a professional environment well suited for services to the courts and attorneys. Our psychologists have a broad base of training and experience, including training as a forensic examiner in the State of Florida. The professional staff are highly experienced in assessment and consultation in legal and administrative proceedings, and testify at trial in both State and Federal courts. We are  retained by both plaintiff and defense counsel for the following:

  • Forensic examinations, particularly in areas of employment law, psychological injury, malingering, and mental disorder/disability.
  • Consultation with counsel in understanding and addressing mental health testimony from other experts 
  • "Psychological autopsy" to determine the state of mind of an individual at some prior point in time


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